Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Nicole Reyes and I am a portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, California.  My husband and often our girls as well, work along side me which is such a joy!  We hope you enjoy our latest work and getting a little glimpse into our life!

Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am an eighth grade U.S. History teacher, but I think I can now confidently say that I am also a portrait and wedding photographer. For years I took pictures but just felt like it was a hobby. Not any more. I LOVE this part of my life. It can be a little overwhelming at […]

This senior is special to Zack and I since we have watched her grow up in San Diego in the Children’s Ministry at church and then blossom into a lovely young woman in the Teen Ministry.  Asia is a very soft spoken, sweet, thoughtful teen and we’ve had a great time at events watching her […]

Brooke is seriously one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet!  To know her is to love her!  Even though I don’t know her very well, I could tell in the short time we spent together in Balboa Park that she is definitely someone special.  I was there to serve her but I felt […]

It is such a blessing when you have friends who are so much more than friends…they are FAMILY.  This is how I feel about my friend Lisa and her entire family. We’ve been friends for around seventeen years and Lisa loves to remind me how I avoided her for months as she pursued me for […]

I cannot look at this beautiful girl without seeing her parents!  One moment I see Marietta poking through and the next moment I see Mike!  She is the perfect blend of the two of them.  I must say, if you’re going to be a combination of two people, these would be the two to choose!  […]

Reaching the age of fifteen is so exciting!  I can barely remember it because it was AGES ago for me, but I do remember starting to learn to drive at that age and beginning to feel like a grown up more and more.  For Sienna, turning fifteen means a grand celebration with her family and […]

This young lady is so much fun to hang out with on a beautiful day in Balboa Park.  One look at how adorable she is when she scrunches up her nose while smiling and her character comes out in full force!  She is spicy and sassy, quick to laugh, and really encouraging!  I met Jacqueline […]

“I don’t know if this pose makes you feel awkward, but if it does in any way just let me know!”  These were my words to Adrian in the middle of our session because some young men don’t feel comfortable in some poses.  Do you know what he replied back to me?  He said, “Anything […]

This family means the world to us.  There are just some families that even though they are not technically blood-related, are truly family.  It’s hard that we live almost three hours away, but we manage to at least see Lori and AJ multiple times of the year.  If we hit it right, we also get […]

Before our photo session I had never met Julian, a Grossmont High School senior.  His mother had reached out to me several times and told me all about him and even sent me some of his football videos from the field and some newspaper segments where he had been interviewed by reporters.  This was so […]


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