This was such a fun day!  Katie and Nick had waited a LONG time for this day to come and the joy that it had finally arrived was so evident!  After being together since high school, these two have seen a lot happen in their relationship!  Nick went away to school on the other side […]

I feel totally blessed to have been a small part of Briel’s senior experience.  Look at this girl!  She is gorgeous!  These shots were taken in the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park and it was a super crowded day since the cherry blossoms were blooming.  However, in the midst of it all, a man […]

Our family has known Allyssa for many years.  My daughter Mackenzie danced alongside Allyssa on the competitive team at the Dance Spot Eastlake for several years.  I have sat with her mother and the other dance moms through many recitals, competitions, and showcases.  We bought numerous costumes and glued on too many fake eyelashes…so grateful […]

It’s a rarity in life to know elite athletes…let alone TWO!  Greg and Tia were made for each other!  Despite their nine-year age difference, these two can keep up with one another in the gym!  In fact, this was one of the highlights of their wedding, being mentioned in both their vows and the toasts. […]

Lori has been my longtime friend for about 20 years!  We first started to get to know each other when I coordinated her first wedding in Ventura many years ago.  Since that time we have had many happy times together as friends and with our families.  She has three amazing kids and these three and […]

I must say that I am completely impressed with how resilient Nick and Katie are!  They are amazing!  We met at Balboa Park at 6:15am on a FREEZING cold March morning…and Katie had a lovely, THIN dress on and Nick had a cold!  Wow! These are two committed people!  I knew this about Katie (to […]

I love weddings!  Always have!  Even when I was very young I used to rip pages out of magazines, punch holes in them and put them in my wedding binder.  Can you imagine how useful Pinterest would have been?!  Although I love being in weddings (I have been a bridesmaid 17 times!), being a guest […]

I mentioned I grew up in San Diego which is such a blessing!  What an amazing city we live in!  It’s so wonderful that I didn’t want to leave after high school and went to UC San Diego.  I started majoring in psychology but quickly realized that this was just not going to be for […]


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