Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Nicole Reyes and I am a portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, California.  My husband and often our girls as well, work along side me which is such a joy!  We hope you enjoy our latest work and getting a little glimpse into our life!

Hi, I'm Nicole!

The anticipation of having a baby GIRL…I know it well! Actually, with our first baby we waited until she was born to find out her gender. I KNEW she was a girl though! I was right! With our second child we found out ahead of time, and knowing Mackenzie would have a little sister was […]

Bernice is so blessed to have all five of her children and her two grandchildren living in San Diego! Even though her son and is wife were not able to make it to this session at the last minute, it was so obvious how grateful she is to have them near. There is a lot […]

There is adorable and then there is ADORABLE! These two definitely fit into the second category. Olivia especially is just so full of life and tons of giggles. It was so much fun getting to spend time with them at the Sweetwater River Bridge in this beautifully glowy light! This is one of my favorite […]

This is one amazing family! I have known how fantastic Janet is for about thirty years, but only recently have I met the men in her life. When she invited me to come and visit her, along with our friends Kim and Sam, and then asked me to also take her family’s portraits, I jumped […]

On the day that we shot Reid and Rachel’s wedding, we had only been back from Hawaii for three weeks, but the Catamaran Resort made us feel like we were right back in the tropics! Reid and Rachel did such an excellent job picking out their venue! A little piece of the islands right here […]

Sometimes you just meet someone who touches your heart and stays in your life forever. That is the case with my amazing friend Lisa! We have had MANY great years together laughing, eating, enjoying wine, traveling, shopping, going on excursions with our young kids, and in the last few years, supporting each other as we […]

As Aldo spun his daugher around the dance floor there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Raquel’s dress was perfectly made for the twirls she experienced in her father’s arms and as they embraced, the real emotion on each of their faces very apparent and endearing. This was not so different than earlier in […]

This was a day filled with family and friends, and I do mean FILLED! Just one look at this very large bridal party and it is so obvious how loved Ezzie and James are by so many people. Sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, etc. stood by their side as they celebrated their special day […]

This was such an amazing day! Other than one little glitch with the details (which Kiyomi and I rectified later that week) it was absolutely perfect! From the beautiful details (especially the SHOES!), the adorable two-year-old, the bridesmaids’ gifts, the handmade veil, an outpouring of authentic emotions, a historic hotel, an even more historic mission, […]

Sammy holds a special place in our family’s hearts because he has been a kind, faithful, generous friend to our youngest daughter Katelyn for many years. High school and college can be a challenging time for everyone, but Sammy helped Katelyn feel loved and appreciated and we are so grateful for him and how he […]


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