Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Nicole Reyes and I am a portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, California.  My husband and often our girls as well, work along side me which is such a joy!  We hope you enjoy our latest work and getting a little glimpse into our life!

Hi, I'm Nicole!

After talking with a friend I realized that visiting Cinque Terre was a MUST on this trip.  “Cinque” means five in Italian, so Cinque Terre is not an individual town, it’s actually a group of five little hill/seaside towns along the Mediterranean coast.  I originally thought we would just take the train from Florence for […]

After three days in Rome, Zack and I took the train to Florence.  We chose a high-speed train, so it only took an hour and a half. Although it was a bit of a challenge at first to figure out the train system, weeventually figured it out by asking for help.  It’s amazing that so […]

There has been no place on this earth that has fascinated me like Italy.  I have longed to see this country for as long as I can remember.  It doesn’t help that I am a hopeless romantic AND a history teacher!  Two of my closest friends are Italian and I like to pretend I am […]

Our family is blessed to own a horse, so we are down at the stables quite a bit.  Well, actually, my daughter Katelyn is there most of the time and I am mostly an observer and admirer of horses and the women to love and ride them. I really believe it takes a certain, strong […]

As a teacher, I have met many different types of kids over the years.  They all have their unique personalities and talents and are very special in their own ways.  Some kids have the gift of being able to juggle so many aspects of life that it amazes me.  Alexis is one of those students.  […]

With COVID-19 creating a pandemic, Emma and Justin weren’t sure they would be able to have the wedding they had been dreaming of.  As it stood for months, only 10 people at a time could gather together in LA at a time.  That would cover them and their immediate family…and that would be IT!  Their […]

To know Emma and Justin is to love them.  There is just no way around it!  Emma’s smile just grabs a hold of you and you can’t help but smile back!  Emma has been a very special friend of my daughter’s for several years as they have both been attending San Diego State.  She basically […]

Being a teacher has so many wonderful blessings, but one of the things I love the most is that I work with incredible colleagues!  Samantha came to our history department this year as a transfer from another school and we have been so grateful to have her on our team!  She is enthusiastic, creative, warm, […]

This was such a fun day!  Katie and Nick had waited a LONG time for this day to come and the joy that it had finally arrived was so evident!  After being together since high school, these two have seen a lot happen in their relationship!  Nick went away to school on the other side […]

I feel totally blessed to have been a small part of Briel’s senior experience.  Look at this girl!  She is gorgeous!  These shots were taken in the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park and it was a super crowded day since the cherry blossoms were blooming.  However, in the midst of it all, a man […]


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