Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Nicole Reyes and I am a portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, California.  My husband and often our girls as well, work along side me which is such a joy!  We hope you enjoy our latest work and getting a little glimpse into our life!

Hi, I'm Nicole!

It has always been my biggest dream as a photographer to be a DESTINATION photographer, especiallty a wedding destination photographer. The end all and be all for me. And it’s happening! I have shoot in Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Richmond, Charleston, Savannah, Bakersfield, Ventura, Sedona, Flagstaff, and in the coming year we’ll be […]

I can’t begin to describe how beautiful Savannah is!  All my life I have longed to see Spanish moss hanging from trees.  Being from California, this was definitely something new that I had never seen before. However, recently Zack and I found a similar plant growing on trees in Solvang, up near Santa Barbara!!  That […]

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Charleston, South Carolina!!  The buildings, the history, the FOOD!  Well, it definitely did not disappoint!  My only regret was that we were only there for two nights.  I really could have used at least two more days to get a better feeling for the city.  I would also […]

We own a timeshare and get to use it every other year, so in 2019 we let the girls choose where we would spend our vacation.  They both agreed they wanted somewhere warm and close, so we decided on Cabo.  This truly was one of my favorite family vacations!  It was so simple and inexpensive […]

On our last full day in Italy, we hired Monetti Tours to take us down the Amalfi Coast.  We thought about renting a car but we had read about how narrow and windy the roads were and thought we better not risk it.  Again, after reading suggestions from Rick Steves, we chose a company that […]

The last leg of our Italian adventure was spent in the south of Italy.  We chose Sorrento as our home base but took daily excursions.  On our first full day in the south, we chose to use Mondo Tours to take us to the island of Capri.  Wonderful choice!!  Zack, Matt, Yolanda, and I had […]

Sorrento wasn’t originally on my radar when it came to our trip to Italy.  I knew I wanted to go to Pompeii, Capri and Positano, but I had no idea where our “jumping off” spot would be.  Yolanda suggested Sorrento and it was a PERFECT choice!  We flew from Venice to Naples and it was […]

Venice is just one of those places where you know it’s there…but you don’t really believe it exists!    I’d seen it in movies and dreamt about it but it was still so surreal being there.  One of the wonderful things about traveling here is that the train station is right next to the dock, […]

After talking with a friend I realized that visiting Cinque Terre was a MUST on this trip.  “Cinque” means five in Italian, so Cinque Terre is not an individual town, it’s actually a group of five little hill/seaside towns along the Mediterranean coast.  I originally thought we would just take the train from Florence for […]

After three days in Rome, Zack and I took the train to Florence.  We chose a high-speed train, so it only took an hour and a half. Although it was a bit of a challenge at first to figure out the train system, weeventually figured it out by asking for help.  It’s amazing that so […]


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