Lemon Drop Pastry Shop – A Baking Branding Session

Pastry Shop Branding Session

Sometimes you just meet someone who touches your heart and stays in your life forever. That is the case with my amazing friend Lisa! We have had MANY great years together laughing, eating, enjoying wine, traveling, shopping, going on excursions with our young kids, and in the last few years, supporting each other as we have both started small businesses. I am very blessed because Lisa’s business is one that benefits all of us…she is a baker! She has always been spectacular in the kitchen but now she is sharing her talents with the world by launching Lemon Drop Pastry Shop, where her lemon cookies in particular have given her the name “The Lemon Lady” here in our little part of San Diego.

The thing we all (when I say “we” I can include a large chunk of the Eastlake residents) love about Lisa is that she never does anything halfway. In whatever endeaver she is a part of, she gives best effort and her full heart. That love shows up in her desserts and I swear you can taste it. Her treats are definitely made from her deep desire to please those around her and to make their lives just a little bit sweeter. For example, when she makes her carrot cake, she starts from scratch by using fresh carrots and boiling them. No box mixes or canned incredients in these recipes!

When asked what makes her business unique, Lisa responded, “I’m a thoughtful baker. Meaning that I really listen to what your thoughts are and I incorporate them into a unique dessert. You can buy a cake anywhere, but with me you are getting a unique culinary experience.”

Do you see what I am talking about? Lemon Drop Pastry Shop is a reflection of the woman who created it. To know Lisa is to love her…and in turn, to know her lemon cookies(these are my favorite) is to love her as well. Her attention to detail and her genuine warmth and thoughfulness goes into each tasty treat. Her customers gain so much when buying her products because they get a little piece of HER as well as a delicious cake, a tangy cookie or a beautifully crafted cake pop. Gone are the big, impersonal stores with the generic cookies and cakes! Here is a place for San Diego residents to find delicious sweets handed to them by a woman who can be trusted, a woman who will greet you with a smile, and a woman who delights in your delight.

I think some of her clients/friends can say it better than I can:

“We tried these little round pieces of heaven from Lemon Drop Pastry Shop and let me just say – they taste like little soft pieces of deliciousness packed with flavor and lemony goodness. If you haven’t tried them, DO IT! Lisa is so sweet! Lemon lovers – you’re welcome. Non-lemon lovers – it’s time to cross over.” – Shannette Abney

“Not only was Lisa amazing and accommodating but the cake was divine. Lisa also made us six of her amazing lemon cookies and a lemon glazed cake. My husband, who doesn’t like lemon, is fighting me for the last of the cookeis. We highly recommend the Lemon Drop Pastry Shop.”

Pastry Shop Branding Session

Pastry Shop Branding Session

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