Mariana – San Diego State Senior

San Diego State Senior Photography Station

I cannot look at this beautiful girl without seeing her parents!  One moment I see Marietta poking through and the next moment I see Mike!  She is the perfect blend of the two of them.  I must say, if you’re going to be a combination of two people, these would be the two to choose!  They are two of the most loving, fun, generous, kind, thoughtful people I have ever met.  I am so blessed that I have known Mike since elementary school and Marietta since middle school when I sat behind her in class and couldn’t help playing with her curls (which she obviously passed on to her beautiful daughter.).   I even have been given the honorable distinction of being the person who is credited with bringing them together…back at a party I had at my house in middle school. Mike is the older brother of my friend Christy and he decided to tag along with her to my house.  Good thing he did!  They have been wonderful friends all of these years and I am so glad I am back in San Diego so I can spend some time with them.  I wish it were more!

Both of Mariana’s parents are successful, focused, intelligent and driven and she is no different.  She is a force to be reckoned with!  To meet her is to love and respect her.  She doesn’t fool around and she means what she says and says what she means.  I adore that!  It makes complete sense that she earned a Bacherlor’s Degree from San Diego State in Journalism with an emphasis in media studies and a minor in Leadership Development.  Just like her parents, she was born to lead.  Naturally secure and decisive, she’s definitely opinionated but knows her boundaries.  I have no doubt that she will excel in her desire to work in social media, marketing or communications.  Look out world!

Not only is Mariana an excellent student, but she’s a budding photographer as well!  So, naturally that makes me happy!  She’s come with me on several sessions as my assistant and been incredibly helpful.  The best part of her being my assistant is just the opportunity to hang out with her.  She’s an old soul and so easy to talk to.  Mike and Marietta have done a fantastic job raising this amasing young woman.  She’s so easy to talk to and laugh with and I thoroughly enjoy her company.  Congratulations beautiful girl on this amazing accomplishment!  We are all so proud of you and know you are going out into the world to make a difference!

San Diego State Senior Photography Station

San Diego State Senior Photography Station

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