Josh & Monica – Summers Past Farms Maternity Session

Summers Past Farms Maternity Photo Session

One of my absolute favorite sessions to shoot is a maternity session for a couple for whom we shot their wedding as well.  That is especially true when they are a couple like Josh and Monica!  I am sure that their amazing personalities shine through these images and are obvious to everyone who looks at them.  They are just an absolutely genuine and sweet couple.  This baby girl is going to be so blessed when she comes into the world in January.  Not only does she come into a loving home with her parents, but she gets to have an extended family of amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles, and every-increasing cousins!  There will be so much fun in store for this sweet baby girl as she grows up!

As we spent time together at Summers Past Farms in El Cajon, I allowed myself to internally get a little nastalgic.  Mackenzie and Antonio were assisting me, so as I helped Monica and Josh capture pictures of this beautiful season of their lives, I was enjoying a completely different season of my life (my two assistants are ENGAGED!), but I was also reflecting back on when I was pregnant with my girls.  Although my first few months were very rough physically with both girls, the last few months were such a joy as Zack and I waited to meet each of them in turn.  It was wonderful watching Josh and Monica as they enjoyed their last moments before the two of them would become a larger family and I was so grateful that I got to be a part of it.  Life is going to radically change for them and they are going to be the most amazing parents!

They are getting a great start on this parental journey because Monica is a labor and delivery nurse!  Wow!  Now it’s her turn in the delivery room soon and she’ll have the greatest team by her side.  Not only will she be surrounded by colleagues, but my guess is that Josh is going to be amazing!  Those of us who have given birth know first hand that this is not a simple, painless experience.  However, since Josh is so supportive of his wife, so gentle, calm, and devoted, the process should be eased for Monica.  I wish them all the joy and happiness in the world and can’t wait to meet the newest little Plum!  This family makes BEAUTIFUL babies!!

Summers Past Farms Maternity Photo Session

Summers Past Farms Maternity Photo Session


Summers Past Farms Maternity Photo Session

Summers Past Farms Maternity Photo Session

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