Tyler & Megan – An Intimage Backyard San Diego Wedding

Cozy Backyard San Diego Wedding

Ty and Megan decided to have a backyard wedding, not because of COVID, but because it’s just so THEM!  From the moment we met, it was so obvious how easy going they are and how warm and welcoming they are as a couple.  As we sat in their backyard getting to know each other I felt so grateful that they chose me to spend a day with them in their backyard as they exchanged vows before their friends and family.  I felt instantly comfortable with them and their two dogs Petey and Catepillar (Cat).  Cat sure made sure I was feeling the love as well since she was giving me a ton of affection!  It just seemed to be who she is and really, who they all are!

On their wedding day, they chose to have a small group of friends and family with them and it just seemed so apparent to me that the line between friends and family was very blurred since they all seemed to be family and were loved deeply by Ty and Megan.   How wonderful to fill their backyard with those they loved, both those related by blood and those who were adopted into the family through love.  They were seriously some of the most warm and affectionate people I have ever met at a wedding.  So many of them made a point to introduce themselves to me and to let me get to know them a little bit.  How thoughtful!  It was so lovely to be in their amazing backyard looking over San Diego and enjoying the sunset and the company.  The evening was filled with laughter and special touches that represented Ty and Megan, like the dogs running around feely with their adorable collars, celebrating their masters’ special day.

My favorite part of the evening was at the very end when the toasts were being made.  Friends and family alike shared about how much they loved and adored Ty and Megan.  They stood close to them, looked directly at them and poured out their hearts.  So genuine, so intimate.  Not only did I get to experience this wonderful part of the evening, but they asked me to stay even when my coverage ended in order to share a meal with them and to relax.  That was so special!  Although I only met them that week, it felt like we had known each for years and I left feeling incredibly encouraged and appreciated.  Ty and Megan, you two just light up a room…and an entire backyard for that matter!  Thank you for inviting me to your special day and making me feel a part of your extended family!

Cozy Backyard San Diego Wedding

Cozy Backyard San Diego Wedding

Cozy Backyard San Diego Wedding

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