Travel Tuesday – Our Charleston Adventure

Travel Tuesday Our Charleston Adventure

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Charleston, South Carolina!!  The buildings, the history, the FOOD!  Well, it definitely did not disappoint!  My only regret was that we were only there for two nights.  I really could have used at least two more days to get a better feeling for the city.  I would also recommend renting an Airbnb or a hotel room directly in the heart of the downtown area near the restaurants and the Battery, near Waterfront Park.  If I ever get a chance to go back, that’s where I will be!  Just walk out of your hotel and be greeted by amazing restaurants, parks, markets, historical homes, a stunningly beautiful church on every corner, and lots of tourists!  Unfortunately, my friend Monica and I chose a place a bit out of town.  We definitely got our steps in for the days we were there!

We got there later in the afternoon and headed out from our Airbnb as soon as we could so that we would see as much of the town as possible.  Since it was mid-March, the weather wasn’t too hot or too cold and walking was really easy!  We went to Waterfront Park first because that is what every guide to Charleston tells you to do.  It was so beautiful!  The light was hitting the harbor and the buildings were glowing!  There were so many amazing restaurants to choose from but we ended up at RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila.  Great choice!  Fun atmosphere and great food.  Walking back to our Airbnb was actually quite fun as we went down little streets and admired the beautiful, historic homes.  There is definitely a style to homes in Charleston and they just reminded me of movies like “Interview with a Vampire.”  Moss hanging from the trees in secluded little patios behind iron gates.  A little spooky and so lovely!

The second day in Charleston began with us driving to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens just outside of town.  WOW!!  This is an absolute must if you visit Charleston.  A huge piece of land owned by the same family for numerous generations.  This plantation is meticulously taken care of and the gardens are shockingly beautiful.  Azaleas everywhere!  We took a short tram tour of some of the property and then walked around on our own.  The plantation house is now a quaint little store on the bottom level and there was a sort of farmers market on the grounds as well.  It hurt my heart to walk around and know that even though this place was strikingly gorgeous, it had been home to many who lived here in misery, sadness, and fear.  It was good to see that the plantation owners paid homage to those who had worked their land for so long and received no benefit from it.  After a few hours at Magnolia, we returned to Charleston to visit Fort Sumter (as a history teacher I had to at least see it from the shore) and walk around and enjoy the beauty of the neighborhoods.  Rainbow Row and the Mills house are a popular place to take pictures, so of course, I had to go there with Katelyn to get senior portraits!  Such a lovely town, friendly people, delicious food and great photo opportunities…what more could I have asked for?!

Travel Tuesday Charleston South Carolina Travel Tuesday Charleston South Carolina

Travel Tuesday Charleston South Carolina Travel Tuesday Charleston South Carolina

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