Pinson Family – Temecula Family Session

Pinson Family Temecula Family Session

This family is incredibly special.  When Jasmine contacted me and asked if we could set up a photo session,  I was thrilled and started following her on Instagram in an attempt to understand who she and her family were and what types of images they might like.  I discovered that they are adorable!  I just love how they interact and how much fun they have together.  I assumed they would be a lot of fun to spend time with and I was absolutely right!  Not only were they willing to drive to Temecula from Palm Springs, but they were also up for just about anything!  My mom and I drove up to Temecula for the day to hang out in the old part of town and walk around.  We had a blast just hanging out…but we had even more fun when the Pinsons showed up to meet us at Harvetston Lake for their photoshoot!

I knew going into this afternoon that Jasmine is an incredibly impressive individual.  She is completely sweet and yet incredibly powerful.  To be a mom of two boys takes a great amount of strength in and of itself, but she has taken it a step higher and is a yoga champion!  Check out her Instagram account at @yogamama3000, she’s absolutely amazing!  We even took some images for this shoot as well, so you can get a small taste of what she’s trained her body to do.  Wow!

What I really enjoyed about spending time with this family was their interaction with each other and their love of fun.  They went from a family in a beautiful mom in a sparkly dress and a dad in a coat and tie…to a snuggly, goofy family in hats!  Then we ended their session with their request to jump in the air and be silly.  I loved it!  I was a little concerned that two young boys would hate having their pictures taken and might not have any fun at all but they were a blast!  By the end of our time together they were even asking me to take specific images of them.  Victor, their dad was such a warm man as well and kept encouraging me all through the session.  I am usually the one doing the encouraging and it was so special to have it given back to me.  The Pinsons reminded me once again why I love being a photographer and that it is such a blessing to have the opportunities that I have.


Pinson Family Temecula

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