Bernice & Family – A Glowy Bonita Family Session

Bernice & Her Beautiful Family Photo Session

How fun it is for so many of us to get to watch our children grow up and become amazing adults!  Adding grandchildren just makes everything even better!  When Bernice asked me to capture her beautiful family in portraits I was thrilled!  These “kids” are absolutely wonderful to be around but I have to admit, I was super excited to finally see the baby!  I was blessed to be able to shoot Kyle and Monique’s wedding, then their maternity images (which you can see HERE), and now family portraits!

What a joy to meet little Kaliah!  Her eyes!  At first, I thought they were Monique’s eyes since hers are so brilliant and stand out so prominently and beautifully when you meet her…but then I realized she has her daddy’s eyes!  She really looks just like him!  Plum genes are strong!  A little Plum girl, how wonderful!   Clearly the entire family was smitten with her, and understandably so.  Bernice is just thrilled to be a grandmother and I don’t blame her!  I am so excited about that prospect someday as well.

The youngest sibling, Isela was off to live in Hawaii in a few days, so this was a bitter-sweet time for this lovely family.  A new adventure for everyone it seems.  I could feel the excitement in her but it was obvious how much she would miss her family.  It is truly wonderful to have grown-up children and Bernice has done an amazing job with these young adults.  They have weathered storms like all of us and I sure will face more in their lifetime, but it was so obvious how much they loved each other, and truly, this all of our greatest desire.

Bernice & Her Beautiful Family Photo Session

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