Kyle & Monique – Morrison Pond Maternity Session

Kyle and Monique Maternity Photography

What a joy it is to watch children grow into mature, responsible, loving, spiritual adults, then to be a part of photographing their wedding and then to be asked to take their maternity pictures!  I love what I do!  This session was just so special.  Kyle and Monique are such a blessing to everyone who knows them and they inspired us all by giving their hearts to the ministry they serve, especially to the teens in their care.  We have all benefited from the fact that they fell in love and are even more powerful as a couple than they were as individuals.

This baby is going to have such an amazing life.  Monique is so gentle, so sweet and so kind and Kyle is an over-the-top, deeply spiritual, passionate, fun-loving guy.  Life is going to be exciting!  Both Kyle and Monique come from phenomenal families; big families full of love and adventure.  Kyle is one of three brothers who are somewhat notorious and infamous in the church!  That is said with a lot of love and admiration for the incredible men they have all become.  Adding a little girl into this mix is going to such a joy to this family and such a blessing for this little one who will have two uncles and three aunties on the Plum side to smother her with love.  Not to mention grandparents and great grandparents who have become mentors to so many.  Monique has an extended, blended family who is equally spectacular and full of personalities who will help this blessed child grow up in a very loving environment.

Needless to say, this little girl will also be beautiful!  Just look at these two!  It is difficult to see in these images but they both have striking eyes.  They are not only a fabulous color, but they are filled with gentleness, understanding, compassion, and love. So, whether she ends up with green eyes or blue eyes will remain to be seen but she is destined to be stunning.  Kyle and Monique, we are all so happy for you and your families.  Thank you for giving so much to everyone around you and we wish you all the love and joy in the world!

Kyle & Monica Bonita Maternity Session

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