Angerstein Family – Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach Family Photo Session

How much fun was this?!  Hanging out at Coronado Beach with David and Angelica Angerstein and their family!  Such a blessing.  David and Angelica are seriously some of the most fun, encouraging, straightforward, real, and generous people I know.  I was even lucky enough to have David’s two children, Aaron and Megan, in my class as students at Rancho del Rey Middle School back in the day.  They were wonderful then and they are wonderful now!  Aaron has even gone on to be a future doctor and is in medical school in Charleston, South Carolina where he got into a very difficult MD-PhD program!  Now he’s married to Stephanie and they are the proud parents of four dogs!  Haha!  Unfortunately they couldn’t be in this photo session, so the family wasn’t quite complete.  However, Megan was there and she was just as sweet as she was at thirteen!  Now she’s all grown up and working as a recruiter for a company who recuits traveling nurses.  Wow, I feel so old!

This session was extra special  because it was not just a family photo session, but it was an engagement session as well!  Ericca and Dylan have been dating for many years and are finally ready to take the big plunge!  They’re having a summer wedding in northern California this year and I am sure she is going to be the most beautiful bride!  She’s not only gorgeous but she’s also a talented professional, working for a non-profit hospital as a human resources specialist. Dylan is not to be undone by his lovely bride and is multi-talented himself, working both as a Director of Franchise Training at Flip Flop Shops and also as a musician, playing weddings, restaurants, farmers markets, etc.  They are definitely a power couple!

Angelica’s first-born, Monique is stunning and has passed those lovely genes onto her two children Cayden and Jocelyn.  She even has a job where she passes on a little bit of beauty to others as a lash artist. She’s amazing!  Just look at her sister Erica’s lashes in the pictures that follow and her expertise shines!  Her children are super adorable and according to their grandmother are, “just an absolute dream and the best kids in the world!”  I saw nothing to make that statement false since they were nothing but sweet, respectful and kind to each other and their mother.  What more could a mother ask for?

Just watching this family interact made me so excited about being a mom to adults!  It’s finally happening, since my children are nineteen and twenty-two and spreading their wings.  Mackenzie is working in her first “big girl” job with the Marriott and Katelyn is navigating the college waters, learning to be self sufficient, and exploring who she truly is as an individual.  Empty-nester land is just around the courner!  I have always wondered what that would feel like and how I would be able to live my life without my children in the near vacinity.  Well, Angelica and David are living their best life and I think that partially comes from knowing their children are safe, sufficient, and happy, even if they live many hours away from them.  I have been a little sad that this season of life is upon me but after spending the afternoon with this wonderful family, I know that there is nothing to be afraid of.  The best is yet to come!

Coronado Beach Family Photo Session

Coronado Beach Family Photo Session

Coronado Beach Family Photo Session

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