Reid & Rachel – Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Rachel has been a bridesmaid on numerous occasions, waiting for the moment when she would take the role of bride herself.  Most of her friends got married over ten years ago and she started to believe that she would never have her special moment and her special someone.  I completely understand this feeling!  I got married at twenty-nine, and had a bridesmaid seventeen times!  It’s so hard to be patient and wait for the perfect man while watching others walk down the aisle before you.  However, Rachel’s patience has been rewarded!  After she met Reid, it became very obvious that HE was the one!  Reid is everything she was hoping for and more!  All those years of waiting are just a distant memory as she and Reid are living their best lives.  They have been having a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company while visiting the beach, trying new restaurants, watching movies and reality tv shows, traveling, and just spending quality time together. They are so compatible and it was so obvious how much they love each other as Zack and I were able to spent the day in the sand dunes and the seashore with them  Coronado, San Diego.

Coronado was the perfect place for their engagement session because this is where Reid proposed in December!  He told her he wanted to stop at the Hotel del Coronado to see the Christmas tree on their way to the Old Globe Theatre to see “The Grinch.” However, the tree was just too crowded to have an intimate proposal, so he led her outside by the ice skating rink which had other Christmas trees.  She was completely surprised and absolutely thrilled at the same time!  He then surprised her by getting them a room at the Hotel del, which she’d always dreamed of doing.  He’s so thoughtful!  So, it’s no surpise they wanted to capture images with the hotel in the background.  This location will forever be special to them both.

Zack and I had such a lovely time getting to know them during our afternoon together.  The picture below seems to tell it all.  Rachel has a huge smile, which Reid is especially fond of, and she has an infectious laugh.  Being a teacher, she’s got an extraverted personality, is very detail oriented, and has completely thrown herself into the wedding planning process, which I am sure she will excel in!  Rachel is in love with Reid’s eyes and how kind and caring he is towards the people he loves. She’s grateful that he knows just how to cheer her up when she’s feeling down, and that he doesn’t mind all of the holiday decorations she puts up!  Wow, that’s a great character trait!  I don’t think Zack would put up a single holiday decoration if I didn’t force him to do so each year.  You’ve got a good one Rachel!  Zack and I are so happy for the two of you and we are so excited about your upcoming wedding at the Catamaran Resort in October!  Rachel, you are going to be such a beautiful bride!

Coronado Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Coronado Beach Engagement Photoshoot

  1. Laurie Humphrey says:

    So beautiful!!! Incredible pictures of my gorgeous daughter and her handsome fiancé!
    Thank you Nicole!

  2. Don and Linda Laster says:

    Beautiful pictures!!
    You look so happy!
    We are excited for you!
    Love, Don and Linda

  3. Bob & Lois says:

    Gorgeous photos of you two!!
    We can’t wait for October.
    Love you! Dad & Lois

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