Fall Mini Sessions – Mission Trails

Fall Mini Sessions Mission Trails Photography Sessions

This year was so special in so many ways.  Challenging for sure…for ALL of us, but it had it’s bright and beautiful moments as well.  One thing that was amazing was the fact that I was BOOKED completely during the Fall Season!  I actually had to turn people away even though it broke my heart because they were friends who I treasure and would have loved to spend time with and to give lovely images to.  I am so blessed to have friends who continue to step in front of my lens year after year and they are a bright spot in my business and in my personal life.

One of the special moments this season was my Fall Mini Sessions!  I actually had three days set aside for these sessuibs this year and some of them even turned into full sessions since the booking process opened up some extra spots on occasion (those sessions will be featured independently at another time soon).  These sessions were 20-30 minutes long and even though they were fast, they were not furious!  They were fun and relaxed and enjoyable.  At least that is what my friends and relatives have told me!  Just look at these beautiful families!!  There are just so many beautiful locations in Mission Trails in San Diego!  Wow, this is not a job, it’s a blessing, a treasure, a joy!  With COVID being so crazy, I rarely get to see my family too, so this is always a great time to reconnect.  Can you tell who I am related to?  Probably not because they are the adorable red heads!  I believe this is the sixth year I have taken their holiday photos and it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

These families are filled with friends from church, friends from work, past students, cousins, close friends, and even furry friends!  I actually love it when fur babies are a part of family sessions.  I have three of my own and can’t image life without them.  They are part of our families so why shouldn’t they be a part of our family photos?  I also love the little kiddos during sessions.  Mothers are often worried that their kids aren’t smiling perfectly for photos or that they seem to be misbehaving in some way.  Hey, this is life and let’s get it all on film…or on our computers through digital images these days.  The cute little blondie in these images showed up in tears, tired from a nap.  That’s OK!  We worked with it and by the end of our time together she was smiling and laughing.  My goal is to make my clients/friends feel relaxed, to enjoy our time together and to walk away with images of this special season in their lives that they will treasure forever.

Here is a little something that these beautiful people have said about our sessions (I have the best friends/clients in the world!)…

“Nicole is an amazing photographer, she truly enjoys what she does. Nicole really goes above and beyond To make what you envision come true for your photos. She makes honest suggestions about locations and even provides a beautifully detailed style guide for those struggling with outfit choices. She has cute little props to use and makes the experience very natural and effortless. Nicole truly is a gem and is a very honest and professional photographer!”  – Tiffany Reynolds

“Your photo sessions are guaranteed to make a great family time! We have fun and laugh during the session, totally trusting that you will bring out the best in our large family of humans and pets.  Our family is at the point where we look forward to them. Come fall, the kids will ask, ‘have you scheduled our time with Nicole yet’?  She is calming, casual (yet professional) and completely accommodating.  I have and will continue to highly recommended her to my friends, neighbors and acquaintances (both personal and professional).  I consistently reply to folks who comment that they, ‘loved this year’s family pics’ that we have the BEST photographer … she will meet you where you are at as far as location, style, pricing and such … she has something for everyone and never disappoints.”   – Bonnie Wilson

“Thank you for this opportunity to capture our family together. I am so grateful to spend each opportunity to be with my family and taking these pictures meant more family time. Thank you for sharing your talent. You are a blessing! Enjoy your thanksgiving!”  – Darlin Rosses

Fall Mini Sessions Mission Trails Photography Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions Mission Trails Photography Sessions

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