Pena Family – Bonita Family & Equine Session

Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita

Our family is blessed to own a horse, so we are down at the stables quite a bit.  Well, actually, my daughter Katelyn is there most of the time and I am mostly an observer and admirer of horses and the women to love and ride them. I really believe it takes a certain, strong personality to be able to interact with a horse in a way that is beneficial to both the horse and the rider and it is just so encouraging to see this personality in a very young person.  As Katelyn and I worked with Alexis during our session together, we were incredibly impressed by this little 6-year old nugget.  She knew what she was doing and she didn’t let this pony push her around!  Horses have a very strong will all of their own and they know when they can take advantage of a human.  Not with Alexis!  This girl is strong! Strong character, strong arms, strong will, etc.  She’s got it!  The little one is only 2 and she just ran right up to the horses with no fear.  She’ll be a great horsewoman too!

From the moment we met this family, the girls were ready and excited to make some new friends and get some great pictures.  Alexis and Everly were natural models and oozed confidence.  They especially loved Katelyn and after our session Alexis spent a good deal of time with her walking around the stables, learning about our horse, Jake, the horse Katelyn first rode, Pronator, about veganism (Katelyn’s passion), and on and on.  Question after question, as they tagged behind her.  Adorable!  So excited to learn new things, so excited to grow!  It was very endearing.

This confidence comes, no doubt from their parents and especially the strong character of their mom, Ashley.  It is so impressive to hear about how she manages her career and two little ones as she has to remain home because of the pandemic.  Now add Dad and the family dog to these amazing women and you get the most beautiful image!  This man has a strength all his own…he has to be since he’s surrounded by all these women!  Even the dog was female!  At least he has his truck! I get it, my husband has the same beautiful situation, but at least he has his male dog, Carbon, our black lab…but no truck!  Sorry honey!

Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita

Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita

Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita

Family Equestrian Photo Session in Bonita

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