Portraits – Best of 2021

Best of 2021 Portrait Photography

I am an eighth grade U.S. History teacher, but I think I can now confidently say that I am also a portrait and wedding photographer. For years I took pictures but just felt like it was a hobby. Not any more. I LOVE this part of my life. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but it really brings me joy, especially when I deliver a gallery to a client/friend and I know that it will bring them joy as well. What more could I ask for? I get to spend time with truly amazing people, travel to the most beautiful places in San Diego and around the country, and I usually have a wonderful partner at my side, either in Zack, my husband, Angelica my partner, or Katelyn my daughter. Life is good!

This year I spent more time at Balboa Park more than any other location. Of course my client/friends would choose the most beautiful part of San Diego to have me take their portraits! I truly feel at home at this location and always have, even as a young girl. It is so unique, so peaceful and so full of interesting museums, gardens, and people. There are just so many options when we shoot here and I have to hold back when we go there and not overwhelm my client/friends by not taking them to EVERY special location I know of in the park. We get as many as we can though!

Since we’re in San Diego the other most popular location was obviously the beach! My two favorite beaches to shoot at are Coronado and La Jolla, under the Scripps Pier. Coronado has lovely sand dunes where I can get my client/friends to snuggle down into and then we can also shoot with the Hotel del Coronado in the background and then head down to walk through the surf. This is truly where golden hour is so obvious as we all actually turn golden in the light! Beautiful.

Fall mini sessions were shot at Mission Trails which is another one of my favorite places because it just turns golden in the Fall. With the mountains in the background and rolling hills full of dried grass. I would LOVE to take my client/friends into the taller grasses and the trees, but the rangers here are hyper vigilant in protecting the park, so we stick to the trails! This is the perfect place for mini sessions and the perfect way for me to spend even more time with even more client/friends since each session is 20-30 minutes in length.

Senior sessions usually take place on location if the seniors I am shooting images of are college students. Since San Diego State University, the University of San Diego, and Point Loma Nazarene are absolutely beautiful, this is just fine with me! This year in particular was a special year for seniors for me because both of my daughters graduated! Mackenzie graduated from San Diego State with a degree in Hospitality and Event Management and Katelyn graduated from Eastlake High School. The best part of Katelyn’s senior pictures was that we flew across the country to take her images with one of her best friends! We went to Richmond, Fredericksburg, Savannah, and Charleston! That will be a hard act to follow! However, traveling to Ventura to shoot images of dear family friends was also a huge blessing and the beautiful yellow flowers by the ocean just made it that much better!

Although I shot at Summers Past Farms only once, visiting the quaint little location is always a blessing. If you’ve never seen this little piece of heaven, make sure to travel east and check it out! Unfortunately, the close at 4:00pm, so shooting here generally only takes place for me in the Fall and the Winter when the sun sets early. I keep meaning to get out their for just a picnic with the family and to enjoy the gardens without a camera in my hand. Hopefully soon.

2021 had so many blessings and so has 2022 and I look forward to whatever else God has planned for the rest of the year. Thank you so much to all of my client/friends who chose to step in front of my lens. I hope you loved the pictures as much as I did!

Best of 2021 Portrait Photography Best of 2021 Portrait Photography

Best of 2021 Portrait Photography

Best of 2021 Portrait Photography

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