Antonio & Mackenzie Engaged – San Diego

Engagement Photo Session Downtown San Diego

As a photographer I have had many engagement sessions that I loved, but as a MOM, this shoot was definitely my FAVORITE!  This is my beautiful daughter Mackenzie and her amazing fiance Antonio.  We love them both so much and we feel so incredibly blessed that they are both a part of our lives.  As a parent I have dreamt about the man my daughter would marry, and I have been praying for him since the days when I held this baby girl and rocked her in her nursery.  I asked God to make him kind, gentle, thoughtful, godly, and responsible.  I prayed that he would love my daughter with a passion and walk by her side lovingly and that he would guide her closer to God.  I must say that my loving Father answered all of my prayers because Antonio is all of this and MORE!  Zack and I are thrilled that he will officially be part of our family as of June 30.  I say “official” because we have always considered him and his parents as family.  We even have the same last names!

How wonderful is it that we got to watch this young man grow up and to watch his character develop.  What a rarity this is, to knowing your son-in-law for so long!  The fact that our families have been extremely close for the last decade, gone on family trips together, led a ministry together, and even lived together for a time, has been such a blessing!  We know how he was raised, that he was and is deeply loved, that he was taught to be a godly man, that he was home-schooled by his mother who is an amazing woman and that he was challenged, inspired, and called to be the best he could be.  This is the type of man any mom would choose for her princess.

Mackenzie is more than a daughter to me, she is my friend and confidant.  It hasn’t always been this way, since being a mother calls for us to discipline, challenge, and inspire and to take on the role of teacher, protector…and snuggler.  Except for a few years when she was a challenging young teenager, I would say we have always been close. However, as she has become a grown woman our relationship has changed into something extra special. We respect each other and love to laugh together.  Actually, one of her favorite things is to laugh AT me since I do some silly things at times, but I’m OK with that!  There is no malice, just love, and that is all that matters.  We have been so proud of how hard she worked to graduate from high school with honors, dance on the Elite team at Eastlake High School, and then to go on to graduate from San Diego State University in only three years.  These things are wonderful but we are more proud that she has turned into a woman of substance.  She’s honest with me and she speaks her mind.  I trust her.  I admire her, and I adore her.  I see her heart and I am so happy that she’s going into this marriage willing to accept help from those who are more mature and wise. She and Antonio are both open about there weaknesses and humble enough to listen to advice.  I believe they’re going to have an strong marriage and eventually be spectacular parents.

Kenz and Antonio, Zack and I love you both deeply and we are overjoyed that you have found each other.  You gladden our hearts and bring us so much joy.  We are so grateful we get to go through this season of your life with you and to be by your side on the day you promise to love each other forever.  We couldn’t ask for better children.  We love you.

Engagement Photo Session Downtown San Diego

Engagement Photo Session Downtown San Diego

Engagement Photo Session Downtown San Diego


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