Kim Wedding – Rancho Buena Vista Adobe, Vista

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

David and Christine’s wedding was such a celebration!  A celebration of their love for each other, of their amazing group of friends, of their beautifully blended families, and of their cultures and heritage.  Every part of the day spoke of love and joy, of gratitude and thankfulness.  From the moment Zack, Angelica, and I walked into the Airbnb where the women had spent the night and were getting ready, we felt that this day was going to be special.  That spoke to the characters of both David and Christine who are such absolutely lovely individuals and who together shine that much brighter.  All throughout the day in Vista, there was an undercurrent of peace and gentelness that they both exuded and this permeated through the entire day and even helped us, their photographers, feel comfortable and at ease in their presence.  That is saying a lot on a wedding day because there is so much going on!

Not only did this day showcase the love and friendship exhibited by the phenomenal bridal party, but it showed just how beautiful a blended family can be.  Christine’s family is filled with brothers and sisters whom most would classify as “half” or “step” or “in-law” but to this family, those words don’t apply.  No one was ever introduced to me that way because they are a family in the true sense of the word.  It took me awhile to figure out how everyone was related but in the end, none of that mattered and all I saw was community, commitment, and joy as they all worked together perfectly to make sure this day was exceptional for David and Christine.  I especially loved her relationship with her father and her stepfather.  She gave her heart to each and loved them both so much.  When she had her first dance with her stepdad, everyone at the wedding was in tears, especially me, as we saw the emotion on this dear man’s face.  I LOVE families like this!  They remind me of my own family, where I have a stepmom and a stepdad whom I love dearly.

It really was the little things on this day that made it extra special.  This is one of the things I truly love about being a photographer!  I get to have a “backstage pass” to all the good stuff!  For me, these are the moments where we get to see emotion and where we get a little glimpse into the depth of the relationships in front of us.  The First Look is always one of the best parts of the day abd in this day, David and Christine had a secluded back patio at Rancho Buena Vista where they could see each other for the first time away from the eyes of all of their guests.  They got to talk intimately, to share a private moment, and to get those affectionate pictures where no one else was watching…except for their very blessed photographers!  However, this was only one of my favorite parts of the day.  The other moment that had us all in tears AGAIN was when Christine’s nephew, the ringbearer, came down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. The emotions of the day were just too much for him!  He broke down crying happy tears and ran into his aunt’s arms and told her, “This was the greatest day of my life!”   As the tears of joy streamed down his face, those of us who were near him and witnessed this expression of love also had tears running down our faces as well.

What a way to start a new life together!  David and Christine, we are so grateful you chose us to be a part of this beautiful day in your lives!  We will never forget it!

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

Rancho Buena Vista Wedding

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