Norfolk Family – Mission Trails

Mission Trails Family Photography Session

This is the THIRD year that I have had the privilege of hanging out with the Norfolk family in the Fall.  This year we met up at Mission Trails and as always, they are so much fun to spend time with!  Each year the kids are a little hesitant to open up to me but then by the end of the session, they are my best friends!  They’re even starting to come up with their own poses and they follow me to the car because they want to keep talking.  How special is that?!  Future models!  Not only that but they are incredibly well behaved and polite.  All smiles…most of the time!  Haha!

I think one of the things I admire most about this family is how much the kids love each other and how well they get along.  Often, brothers and sisters don’t want to get anywhere near one another let alone hold hands or put their arms around each other.  These two have no problem!  I doubt they do this only for family photo sessions since it comes so naturally for them.  I have no problem seeing them growing into teenagers who protect and cherish each other and dare I say get into a little mischief together!  No doubt they will always have each other’s back though!

I am so grateful when families trust me so completely.  Val is excited every year to set up their family portrait session and she’s so willing to listen to the advice I have to give about great locations and outfit choices.  No doubt that she would look AMAZING in any outfit she tried on but she has become an expert at coordinating the entire family and the result of that is that they all look fantasic and that they compliment one another perfectly. James is such a loving husband who is there, I suspect, to make his wife happy.  I appreciate you James!  Last year I even convinced him to lay down in the grass with his kids for the cutest picture.  What a great dad!  I must admit that the ones this year with his daughter just melted my heart.  There was no faking the love in those images!  I can’t wait until the Fall to see you all again Norfolk family!!

Mission Trails Family Photography Session

Mission Trails Family Photography Session

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