Camaron & Kaylee – Balboa Park Engagement

Balboa Park Engagement Session

The giggles between these two just tells the whole story!  The happiness and excitement between then was contagious as Zack, Angelica, and I spent a beautiful afternoon in Balboa Park with Camaron and Kaylee photgraphing their engagement session.  We’ve known Kaylee for years and have adored her and even though we just met Camaron during this session we could see why Kaylee is enamored with him.  Quick to smile and laugh, kind and friendly, Camaron is the perfect match for this sweet young woman we have admired through the years.  Camaron’s qualities are definitely not lost on Kaylee either and she told me, “I love Camaron’s patience and compassion. He has shown me an abundance of patience in our relationship. And he is so considerate and compassionate for others from his closest friends to people he’s never even met. He sees the good and loves people where they are at.”  Wow!

Kaylee has always had an infectious smile coupled with a great desire to enjoy life!  It would be impossible to know her and not to love her.  Camaron certainly agrees!  He has said about her, “What I love the most about Kaylee is how much she cares about the people she loves. She goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure the people she cares about are taken care of. She has a huge heart for others.”  We couldn’t agree more!  Kaylee’s even taken this desire to take care of people into her career as a associate clinician for a behavior health clinic, working with kids and adults with autism.  I work with students who are on the specutrum each year and I know how challenging and how rewarding this can be.  However, it take someone with a huge heart to take on this role full time.  If anyone can do it and make those around her feel loved and taken care of, it’s Kaylee!

In the short amount of time we spent together in Balboa Park, it was so apparent how much fun Camaron and Kaylee have together.  As I have noted many times before, I truly believe that building a friendship first, just like Zack and I did, helps so much as you enter into a dating relationship and then into a marriage.  That’s exactly what Camaron and Kaylee did!  They have a ton of mutual friends in San Diego, so they spent time together here and there getting to know each other.  Then, they were in the same Bible Talk for awhile, growing closer, and then it finally clicked when they went to a Padres game together.  They share a mutual love of sports, so connecting during a baseball game makes complete sense!  This friendship grew into love and Camaron proposed by the Christmas tree in December!  Now they continue to have fun together watching sports, going to the movies, trying new bars and restaurants, walking, and even cook together.

This wedding is going to be filled with so much love and laughter!  We can’t wait until August!  Congratulations Camaron and Kaylee!

Balboa Park Engagement Session

  1. Renae Facundus says:

    Beautiful photos of two beautiful souls!

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