Jacqueline – Balboa Park

Balboa Park Senior Session

This young lady is so much fun to hang out with on a beautiful day in Balboa Park.  One look at how adorable she is when she scrunches up her nose while smiling and her character comes out in full force!  She is spicy and sassy, quick to laugh, and really encouraging!  I met Jacqueline because she was my daughter Mackenzie’s roommate when Kenz was attending San Diego State and they were both in the campus ministry.  I am so grateful to her for inviting my baby girl into the home she helped create with several other girls.  Mackenzie really had a wonderful experience being away from home (not very far!), learning to make grown up decisions and creating life-long friendships.  Kenz could always count on Jacquleine to make life in the apartment an adventure and she’s so grateful that she met someone who was such a giving friend, someone whom she could lean on when life got a bit challenging.  Now, a houshold of six young women is going to have their challenges, but it was impressive to watch them work through their issues together and remain friends even when feelings got hurt or boundaries were crossed.  That’s what a mom wants for her daughter, to be in a safe environment while learning life’s lessons.  For that I will forever be grateful to the women Mackenzie roomed with in San Diego.

Now Jacqueline is off on a new path!  She’s graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelors degree in social work and she’s headed into the professional world with a desire to possibly become a medical social worker.  The other career option she is considering is to go back to school and get her bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Wow!  Basically, she wants to help better peoples’ lives either physically through healthcare or mentally by providing social work services.  This should come as no surprise for anyone who knows Jacqueline because she loves people!  It makes complete sense that she would want to devote her life to making other peoples’ lives better.  I have no doubt that she will be successful at whichever journey she chooses and those she encounters along the way will be grateful that she chose the path she did since they will be blessed with her in their lives.  Congratulations Jacqueline!

Balboa Park Senior Photo Session

Balboa Park Senior Photo Session

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