Miller Wedding – Vista Optimist Club, Vista

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

Nothing could stop the joy that radiated out of these two beautiful souls.  Not the threat of COVID, not the impending rain(it rains about 5 days a year in San Diego!), not the loss of a button on the back of a stunning wedding dress…nothing!  Austin and Caroline were literally glowing even though the weather was gloomy on their wedding day at the Vista Optimist Club in Vista, California.   I must have smiled the entire day because I was surrounded by the most amazing people, led by this adorable couple.  Everyone worked so well together on this special day and other than having to move their ceremony from the lawn into the reception area, the day went absolutely perfectly.  I doubt they even noticed the rain after they laid eyes on each other, beginning with their First Look.

As usual, my favorite part of the day was this special time when the bride and groom got to have a private moment alone.  I LOVE  First Looks, when we can capture the expressions the groom’s face as he waits for his beautiful bride and then the emotion that always comes when he sees her for the first time as she walks toward him.  Austin did not disapoint!  Just like in his engagement session, he was so animated and excited!  The joy they both expressed when they were able to spend this time together hugging, kissing, talking, and laughing before their ceremony was priceless.  I understand when couples don’t want to do a First Look but I get a little sad for them because they miss so much!  On my wedding day with Zack we didn’t get to have a private moment the entire day.  At no point did we get to talk about how excited we were, how handsome he was in his tuxedo and how thrilled we were our guests were there to join us.  With a First Look Austin and Caroline got to talk, giggle, shed a few happy tears, and let each other know how much they loved each other without having to say it for the first time in front of a large crowd, which was so personal and I am sure they will always treasure that time together.  By the way…he STILL cried when she walked down the aisle with her dad during the ceremony.  That’s just so typical of what we all have witnessed about the love they share for each other: genuine, authentic, passionate and pure.

Although these two are quite young, they have made an immense impact on the people in their lives, especially their families.  During the toasts, Zack and I were blown away by the many expressions of love poured out onto them… and there were a LOT of expressions!  They had ELEVEN people give toasts!  I have never seen that before but it was so touching to listen to their families and best friends talk about how dear Austin and Caroline are to them, to give them advice, and to wish them all the happiness in the world.

Austin is a quadruplet and he also has two older sisters and almost all of them are already married or soon to be married, so this family is quite large and growing quickly!  I had a hard time telling who was blood related and who had married into the family because they all treated each other so lovingly and entirely.  Caroline’s family is equally amazing.  I knew her mother in college and she was just as warm and welcoming on the day of the wedding as I knew her to be when we were young.  Truly a lovely woman.  It’s no wonder that her and her husband Chris’ other three children were able to pour out love on their sister and her new husband because it was obvious that they were brought up in an environment that encouraged love and acceptance.  Then, when the two families combined…it was even more challenging to know who was part of which family because they blended so beautifully!

What a way to end the year!  There were so many challenges for so many people around the globe in 2021, but on this one day, at the Vista Optimist Club, all was right with the world!  Austin and Caroline, you are so loved by so many and Zack and I are so grateful that we got to be a part of your special day and to be surrrounded by your amazing family and friends.  You two are very special and we are blessed to know you.

Venue | Vista Optimist Club

Photography | Nicole Reyes Photography

Videography | Rick Martinez

DJ | Jeremy Hersch

Bridal Attire | BHLDN

Florals | 4EverBloomz

Invitations | Zazzle

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

Vista Optimist Club Wedding

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