Mora Family – Sweetwater Regional Park, Bonita

Family Session Morrison Pond Bonita

All you need to do is take one look at this family and the images will tell you so much!  They are just the sweetest!  We met in the parking lot across from where we would be shooting their family session in Bonita and they were instantaneously warm and joyful.  Little Amy was shy for about 10 seconds until we began talking about how beautiful she was in her lovely dress…and how adorable her puppy was!  She just lit up when she showed me her little fur-baby Snowflake.  It was all I could do not to take this dog home with me!!  So cute!  However, I doubt my THREE dogs would have been as excited about this as I would have been.

One thing that always touches my heart is when the husband/father is the one who contacts me.  Sergio was so excited to have portraits taken of his family and I found that heartwarming.  So often the men who show up to my shoots are there to make their wives happy and even though they smile and go along with her plans…they think this is not their ideal way to spend an afternoon.  However, by the end of each shoot, most of the guys I meet are quite happy with how things went and they are pleasantly surprised that they actually enjoyed themselves.  Sergio started the shoot with this mindset and showed up ready to have a good time!  I don’t blame him!  He has an absolutely adorable family!  I understand why he would want to capture this season of their lives in portraits.  Carolina is gorgeous and Amy is just a doll.  He’s a blessed man!

It is always my goal to have my clients walk away from my sessions feeling joyful and happy, thankful that they spent an afternoon or evening capturing their relationships forever in beautiful images.  That was not a difficult task in the least with this lovely family.  Smiles came easily and frequently and it was so obvious how much they loved and appreciated each other.  Snowflake has definitetly found the perfect home!  So much laughter and from all three of them and lots gratitude to just be together.  When the session was over they didn’t even go home right away because Amy wanted to go expoloring more in the “enchanted forest” that is Sweetwater Regional Park.  Snowball didn’t mind in the least!  Thank you Mora family for a wonderful afternoon and the opportunity to spend time with your lovely family.

Family Session Morrison Pond Bonita Family Session Morrison Pond Bonita Family Session Morrison Pond Bonita

Family Session Morrison Pond Bonita

  1. Alex says:

    what a beautiful and blessed family!! the pictures look amazing!

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