Beau & Amber – Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement

Golden Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement

I first met Amber in a Zoom call.  So typical of our day and age with COVID changing our worlds.  Her cousin Ashley had connected us and I was thinking that if she was anything like Ashley, then I was just going to love her.  Well, she’s just like Ashley!  It was absolutely lovely talking to her and so easy!  In no time at all I heard about her two beautiful daughters and her love for her amazing cousin and of course her hadsome fiance.  She was so genuine, so down-to-earth, and so real.   It was so easy to see what Beau loves about her!

On the night of their engagement session Zack and I met them both at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park and we had a really wonderful evening together.  The weather was perfect!  I had been praying for some wispy clouds since this location has no shade whatsoever, and that is exactly what we got.  Combine that with Amber’s flawless skin and great outfit choices and I just love how these images turned out!  The best part of the evening though was getting to know them a little bit as a couple.  Beau was such a gentle, kind man.  He was so gracious with his soon-to-be bride by helping her through the trails (sometimes in heels), assisting with her outfit change, and enjoying every opportunity to snuggle up to the love of his life!  I must say that they were just such naturals when it came to posing and their wedding is going to be so much fun!

Another thing I really appreciated about both of them was how adventurous they were.  It’s not often that I get to photograph a couple in such a rugged location.  I told them it was going to be a little bit of a hike and they seemed excited about it!  It took us 15 minutes just to walk to the top of the hill and along the way they had no problem walking through tall grasses, climbing on rocks, and sitting in some precarious places.  They didn’t bat an eye and rolled with it all so seemlessly.  They were so much fun!  We actually got a little too adventurous though because about half way through our session Zack stepped onto a rock I had just been shooting from and there, less than a foot away, carefully hidden in the tall grass, was a rattlesnake!  We couldn’t believe it!  Of course we all had to look at it but we were so fortunate that it never moved!  Wow, something to always remember.

Beau and Amber, you are such a perfect combination!  Your life together is going to be filled with laughter and joy and lots of FUN!  Zack and I are grateful we have gotten to be a part of this season of your lives and we are really looking forward to your wedding!

Golden Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement

Golden Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement Golden Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement

Golden Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Engagement

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