Adrian & Isabel – A Sibling Balboa Park Senior Session

Balboa Park Senior Session

“I don’t know if this pose makes you feel awkward, but if it does in any way just let me know!”  These were my words to Adrian in the middle of our session because some young men don’t feel comfortable in some poses.  Do you know what he replied back to me?  He said, “Anything for my mom.”  Wow!  What an amazing young man!  I believe that just encapsulates Adrian’s gentle, loving character and that of his sister Isabel as well.  Throughout our time together in Balboa Park, they were just the most adorable kids as they interacted and joked around with each other.

What I loved the most about this session was the special bond I could tell that these siblings had with each other.  Often when I ask a brother and sister to “snuggle” I get weird looks and a little hesitancy, but not with these two!  It was so obvious that they adored each other.  Adrian was so gentle and kind to his sister and Isabel just looked up at her big brother with admiration and affection.  It was so heartwarming to see siblings care so much about each other.  As a mother, one of the things I love the most is when our girls are sweet and thoughtful of one another’s feelings.

Celebrating milestones is such a wonderful part of being a family.  This year Zack and I celebrated our eldest daughter graduating from San Diego State University and our youngest graduating from high school.  So, when Sylvia called and said she had two graduates in her family, I was thrilled to meet them!  They were just such a joy to spend the afternoon with too!  Adrian had just graduated from high school and Isabel from middle school and they were just as sweet as could be.

It’s so important to document these amazing milestones in your family’s lives!  Sylvia should be so proud of these wonderful kids and their achievements and now she has these pictures to help mark this moment in their lives.  Thank you so much for inviting Zack and I to be a part of this wonderful season with you.

Balboa Park Senior Session

Balboa Park Senior Session

  1. Sylvia Lindholm says:

    Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments, they will forever be cherished. We greatly appreciate you and your beautiful work.

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