Black Family – Scripps Pier La Jolla

Black Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

Being a teacher has many perks, but getting to work with phenomenal colleagues is definately one of the things at the top of my list!  I have worked with Ben and Amy Black for many years and I am so grateful!  Not only are they some of the most talented educators that I have ever met, but they are genuinely lovely human beings. I adore the campus I am working on and I am so thankful that we teachers look out for one another, have built friendships, and respect each other.

Amy was our ASB directed on campus for many years and she worked tirelessly to find programs and activities to help the kids engage and connect with each other.  The staff always felt appreciated, well-informed, and included in whatever was happening at school and our campus community became more unified under her guidance.  Ben is a wizard at technology and teaches computer science.  I was fortunate to get to work with Ben more closely because for several years I was in charge of helping other teachers on campus learn how to incorporate technology into their classroom.  However, it was always Ben I would seek out for help with the numerous technoldogy that I didn’t understand but saw the value of implementing.  He knows everything!  He is amazingly creative, knowledgable, and inventive.  Not only that, but he was willing to share that knowledge with me and be patient as I slowly came to an understanding of how each program worked and how it could be used in a classroom.  These two are definitely a power couple!

Needless to say, I was thrilled when they asked me to spend time with their family!  I had met their two children in an earlier photo session and I have heard about their amazing athletic adventures (mostly in soccer) for years.  Just as they were the first time I met them, Kylie was absolutely sweet and Cody was a bit of a rascal.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s an adorable rascal with a personality that was actually a lot of fun to play with and take images of!  The best part of the session though was seeing the entire family interact with each other.  It was so obvious how much they loved each other and the kids were incredibly respectful of their parents and grandparents.  My favorite images of this entire session are of Amy’s parents with their four grandchildren.  I was very close to my grandparents and it really touches my heart to see these relationships in other families as well.  Ben and Amy, you have an incredible family and I am so grateful I got a little sliver of time to spend with you all!

Black Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

Black Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

Black Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

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