Grzybowski/Knaak Family – Ventura Beach

Family photography Senior Session Ventura Pier

This family means the world to us.  There are just some families that even though they are not technically blood-related, are truly family.  It’s hard that we live almost three hours away, but we manage to at least see Lori and AJ multiple times of the year.  If we hit it right, we also get to see these amazing kids.  They just make us laugh!  I especially love the relationship Zack has with the boys, Zander and Austin.  If you know my husband, you know he is still basically a teenager in disguise, so he has always had fun playing with these two.  He just loves to mess around and give them a hard time, especially playing jokes on them and teasing them.  I even think this is the way Zack became friends with AJ, bonding over the way they both interact with the kids.

AJ is the newest member of this family and is now an integral part of it.  He fits right in!  He has brought so much joy back into my friend’s life and I am so grateful to him for that.  Transitioning into a new family dynamic isn’t easy but I have been so impressed with all five of them and how they have bonded as a family and aren’t afraid to be honest about their feelings and needs.  That’s not easy!  Zack and I fell in love with him too after watching him with Lori’s kids.  We could tell that the kids loved and respected him, so it was easy for us to do the same.  I was amazed that he harassed (in a loving way) the kids in the exact same way that Zack did!  They have the same sense of humor!  This makes it so much fun when we all hang out!

We have known these kids since they were growing inside of their mother!  It is hard to believe that the beautiful woman you see in these pictures is actually the mother of a high school graduate.  So, that means Zander just graduated!  Way to go Z!  Even with the waves and his surfboard calling to him every morning, he still managed to get it done and matriculate!  Now he’s working for a surfboard company full-time!  He’s really quite a lovable character and a heck of a lot of fun to spend time with.  He’s also gotten himself a lovely girlfriend, Rheanna, who was included in this photo session!  They are adorable together!  Zander, we are so proud of you and so grateful to have you in our lives.

Family photography Senior Session Ventura Pier

Family photography Senior Session Ventura Pier

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