Julian – Grossmont High School Senior

San Diego Senior Photo Session Grossmont High School

Before our photo session I had never met Julian, a Grossmont High School senior.  His mother had reached out to me several times and told me all about him and even sent me some of his football videos from the field and some newspaper segments where he had been interviewed by reporters.  This was so helpful to get to know him just a little bit before we actually met. I didn’t do it on purpose, but through these videos I formed in my mind the type of personality that I believed he would have.  I was so wrong!  Look at this kid!  He’s a huge defensive end and I expected to meet someone who wasn’t super approachable and dare I say…sweet?!  However, when I met him in person I was pleasantly surprised to find a sensitive, humble, gentle, giant.  It took awhile for his silly side to come out but I did see it in the end.  I LOVE his smile even though he tried to hide it for awhile and to instead put on his football face.  Don’t get me wrong, he has a great, manly, football face!  I just love the little smirks and the giggles that he tried to hide but that slip through.  Once he felt comfortable he let me see a little more of who he truly is.

What I REALLY loved though, was the relationship he has with his mother.  Rarely do I meet young men, or even older men, who want to have their picture taken.  Julian was no exception.  However, his mother was so excited for his photo session and I could tell that he did this for her.  It’s been the two of them, helping each other through life and it was so apparent how much he respected her and all of the sacrifices that she has made for him.  An honorable young man.  Even though academics haven’t been his favorite thing (guess what is???), he’s headed off to college and I have no doubt he’s going to successful.  He gave his all on the field and with that type of attitude, he’ll accomplish so much in life!


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