Emily – Virginia Senior Session

Emily Virginia Senior Session

Emily is basically the brown-haired daughter I never had!  She has been a part of our family for many years and we are better people because of it.  She has always had a sweet soul, ever since she was very little.  Her adorably round face and her beautiful brown eyes were even more adorable when she was three if you can even imagine that! Watching her and my youngest daughter Katelyn play with Schleich toys and Littlest Petshop when they were in elementary school will forever be etched in my mind.  So adorable!  However, there were definitely some moments that weren’t so cute…like when they poured water down my hallway, and then made it into a slip n’ slide by running through the house and sliding on their bellies!  There was also the time that I spent hours shampooing the carpets and while I was going from room to room, they followed behind me and played in the soap bubbles, getting soap all over the walls and the tile!  Those two were crazy!

It was heartbreaking for our whole family when Emily and her family moved to the East Coast a couple of years ago.  Not only did our family lose the opportunity to see this sweet girl every day, but watching her parents leave was just as painful.  Monica and Joe are truly amazing people, so generous and always incredibly fun!  We had so many years with them filled with laughter and good times.  However, they are still some of our closest friends and now we have an amazing place to visit in Virginia.  When we were there last month they spoiled us rotten when we spent five days with them at their house and then traveled to Charleston and Savannah as well.  Good times!

Now that Emily is graduating from high school, I know that she is going to do great things with herself.  Like so many kids today, she’s not quite sure at the moment what direction she is going to go in, but I have no doubt what-so-ever that she will make wise choices and that her loving and adventurous spirit will take her to some amazing places and that she will touch the hearts of everyone she meets.  No matter where she travels, or where she settles she will always be special to us and loved and will always be family.

Emily Senior Session EAst Coast

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