Erik & Kaelyn – Balboa Park Engagement

Erik and Kaelyn Engagement Balboa Park

These two are just adorable!  You can’t be around them for more than ten seconds without feeling how in love they are!  Kaelyn constantly has this huge grin on her face(unless she’s got her “model face” on and she rocks that!) and Erik just can’t keep his eyes off of her.  I think the thing that I notice the most about them is how gentle and thoughtful Erik is when it comes to his beautiful bride.    He’s incredibly detail-oriented and does his best to make sure she is taken care of.  You just can’t help but be encouraged when you’re around them!

Even the way he proposed was just the sweetest!  He took her on a picnic at Flinn Springs Park and when she noticed that the gazebo there was decorated for a proposal, she couldn’t help but sneak up closer to get a little peek.  He assured her it wasn’t set up for her, but when she turned around after admiring the pink rose petals sprinkled inside the gazebo and the “Marry Me” sign, he was on one knee waiting to surprise her!  It seems like their relationship is just like that, full of special moments and little encouragements.  I can’t wait for their wedding because I am sure it will be a very heart-warming event!

We spent the morning in the Japanese Friendship Gardens at Balboa Park getting to know each other and I was also blessed to meet Kaelyn’s parents as well!  How amazing to have the gardens pretty much to ourselves!  The cherry trees weren’t completely in bloom but they were coming in and it was just gorgeous.  I am so grateful to live in San Diego where we are surrounded by beauty, especially in Balboa Park which never ceases to surprise me through the seasons with how it changes and how much I feel at home there.

Thank you Erik and Kaelyn for allowing Mackenzie, Antonio, and Zack to be a part of this special season with you.  You two are a joy!

Erik and Kaelyn Engagement Balboa Park

Erik and Kaelyn Engagement Balboa Park

Erik and Kaelyn Engagement Balboa Park

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I love them also!!!! I have known Erik for many years and met Kaelyn a few months ago. Both of them are delightful!

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