Portraits with PETS!

Portraits with Pets

One way to make your family photo session even more memorable is to bring your pets!  For so many of us, our fur-babies are just that…our babies, our FAMILY!  Zack and I have our own little pack – Carbon the Engish lab who we got from a breeder, Lacy the cock-a-poo who we adopted from the pound, and Benji, the Yorkie mix whom I found on the street during one of my morning walks.  They are part of the family and life just wouldn’t be the same without them.  Even as I am writing this, Lacy is laying next to me because she never leaves my side.  So full of love and always longing to be snuggled.

So, we get it if you want to bring along your four-legged family members to photo sessions!  Will they behave perfectly?  Nope!  Don’t worry about that!  They may not sit on cue or pose the way you want them to, but that is half the fun.  When you interact with your pets, they bring out the best in you and that is when we can capture true, honest, authentic expressions on your faces.  Dogs and even cats (if we are shooting inside your home) bring so much love and joy to a session and if you love your pets the way we do, the family portrait is incomplete without them.  Just don’t forget the dog treats!  If your dogs are anything like my Carbon, they’ll do ANYTHING for a little something to eat!

As you look through these images, I have no doubt that they will make you smile.  I am smiling myself as I remember each of these sessions.  So, next time you consider booking with us, think about including your pets. We love it!  I have my dogs and cats immortalized in images and it means so much to me.  We don’t get to keep them in our lives very long, but I am so grateful I have pictures of Birdie, Suzy, Cleo, Lady, Dingo, Emma, Katie, Weston, Ruby, Robert, Max, and Jory to remember how wonderful they all were. Some of those amazing little creatures belonged to my parents, but they have always been family too.  They gave so much to us and they deserved to be preserved in the family album.

Portraits and Pets

Portraits and Pets Portraits and Pets

Portraits and Pets Portraits and Pets

Portraits with Pets


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