Best of 2020 – Portraits

Best of 2020 Portraits

This year has definitely had its challenges and no one will dispute that!  However, there were so many wonderful parts of 2020 too and I don’t want to forget them.  As I looked back through all of my portrait sessions from this year I was so encouraged!  I was reminded of all of the amazing people I was able to spend time with chose to trust me with their images and with the fact that I would be respectful of their “social distance.”  Thank goodness being a “natural light” photographer is almost completely OUTDOORS, which allowed me to safely hang out with friends and family.  Hopefully, 2021 will bring us all back together both inside and out!

Again, looking through these images just made me smile!  I was reminded of all the fun I had with each of these families, teens, mommas-to-be, and the pets they often brought along with them.  It’s always so amazing to watch the nervousness everyone feels at the beginning of a session turn into confidence by the end of our time together.  A little (or a lot) of encouragement goes a long way!.  Everyone has something special to offer.  Everyone has a smile or a laugh or a way of touching the ones they love in a way that is unique to them.  My goal is to capture that, to help them remember this time in their life, and for it to bring them joy.  From the comments I have gotten during and after photoshoots, I think my mission is being accomplished!

I am truly blessed on so many levels.  Not only do I get to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, but the individuals who have chosen to step in front of my camera lens have been truly remarkable!  I just love being around people and as you look through these images I think you will see why.  I have come to the realization this year that I am an extrovert, a people person.   I guess I always knew that to a degree, but not being able to spend much time with family and friends this year has really made this obvious to me.  So, when I get to go on a shoot, it is a wonderful occasion!  It doesn’t matter if I am with people my parent’s ages, friends and colleagues my own age, young married couples, little peanuts, or even dogs or horses, I love to talk to all of them!  Bring it on!  It is so fun to hear about lives that are different than mine, perspectives that are different than mine, and each person’s hopes for the future.  This is a great business and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  2021, no one knows what you will bring, but I look forward to spending time with more individuals who enrich my life and make it that much better!

Best of 2020 Portraits

Best of 2020 Portraits

Best of 2020 Portraits

Best of 2020 Portraits

Best of 2020 Portraits

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