Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

Wow, what a year!  No one has ever experienced anything like this before!  Even though the pandemic caused so many stresses, complications, and kept us from our loved ones at times,  I am still grateful for the amazing people I was able to spend time with and who stepped in front of my camera and became my friends.  Some of these wonderful couples were already my friends, but being involved in this process of taking images of them just seemed to bring us closer.  I feel like I know them so much better after two hours of talking, laughing, encouraging, and guiding them through poses.  There is just something vulnerable about having your picture taken!  I feel that way every time Zack and I have our portraits done.  I even have a nervous little giggle(that my family LOVES to tease me about) every time the shutter clicks when I am in front of it.

This year Zack and I were incredibly blessed to be involved in numerous weddings and engagement sessions.  Each one was special and each one makes me smile when I look back through the images.  These couples were just so fun to spend time with!  I always feel refreshed and encouraged when working with people like Amory and Jessica, Justin and Emma, Gus and Sonia, Nick and Laney, and Reden and Kelsey.  Love and happiness are actually contagious and it is a blessing to be surrounded by them!  Every time Zack and I shoot a wedding together I think back to our wedding and it warms my heart to think of the years we’ve spent together since then.  I am so grateful that he works alongside me in this business and for the wonderful relationship that we have created together.

In the end, I believe this year had more wonderful aspects to it than it did negagitve aspects.  Zack and I got to travel all over San Diego and take beautiful pictures at Balboa Park, the Sweetwater Bridge, Mission Trails, ths sand dunes in Coronado, the flower fields in Bonita, and a lovely venue in Vista.  Also, were were blessed to travel to Bakersfield (seriously, it was actually gorgeous where we went), and Morongo Valley (outside of Palm Springs) and spend the weekend being a part of two beautiful, intimate weddings.  COVID may have made these weddings smaller, but it didn’t change how emotional or sentimental they were.  Now, emotion was not something that was lacking in any of our weddings this year.  This was the year of emotional grooms!  We loved it!  How wonderful that these young men were not afraid to openly show thier love for their brides!

Looking back on all these images brings me so much joy!   These amazing couples trusted us with one of the most important seasons of their lives!  Wow!  As each year goes by I just fall more and more in love with this job and I am so thankful that I can give couples the gift of beautiful images to remember this time of their life.  However, I feel like I get more out of it than I give.  These people have inspired me, encouraged me, and helped me to remember to be grateful for the partner God has given me.  Neither he nor I am perfect, but we are perfect for each other.  I hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I have!



Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

Best of Weddings & Engagements 2020

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