Grimes Family – Mission Trails

Grimes Family Photo Session Mission Trails

The Grimes are such an amazing family!  They have a special place in my and Zack’s hearts because they take care of the campus students in San Diego…which means they love up on our daughter Mackenzie.  They are such a blessing to so many people here in San Diego and we are so grateful to have them!  Leading a campus ministry and overseeing the region is such a huge responsibility and they do it with grace and love.  It is so scary to send your child off to college but when you know that there is a couple like Evan and Bri waiting there to guide them and encourage them, the stress eases quite a bit!  Mackenzie has definitely grown as an individual both in her maturity and in her relationship with God and Evan and Bri had definitely had a hand in that.

Katelyn and I had such a great time spending the afternoon with these three!  Little Parker was so much fun!  Mackenzie has shared with me about what a little sweetheart he is but I have never gotten to spend much time with him.  He had his sleep pattern disrupted a little bit for this shoot, so he had his moments when he wasn’t quite sure a photoshoot was what he really wanted to be doing, but for the most part, he was such an adorable little dude!  Confident, inquisitive, friendly, and madly in love with his mama!  I really loved watching the interactions that he had with his parents.  They were so loving and gentle with him and his giggles were just the cutest!

As it turns out, these images were taken just days before the Grimes welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Blair!  We barely made it!  Bri is such a trouper too!  We walked all around Mission Trails and she even held Parker and he is quite a sturdy little fellow!  She was up to it all! This just adds to the fact that Parker and Blair are so blessed to be a part of this family.  God has given them parents who are so fun, so full of joy, so quick to laugh and snuggle.  It warms my heart deeply to be around families like this and to see love shared so freely and completely.  We are just so grateful our family has gotten to know them and that our daughter has been a part of their ministry.  Thank you Evan and Bri for the way you have loved our child and the children of so many others!

Grimes Family photo session

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