Sherard Family – Scripps Pier La Jolla

Sherard Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

How much better can life get?  Living in San Diego, spending time with a BEAUTIFUL family, and being able to call these people my friends!  If you have read any of my travel blogs you will recognize Matt and Yolanda…they traveled with us to Italy!  Wow, we had an amazing time!  Anyway, I digress.  Yolanda and I have been friends ever since I moved back home to San Diego in 2003.  We taught 8th grade U.S. History together for 15 years until she transferred to another school.  In that time, she transformed my teaching world!  Seriously, she is the most amazing teacher I have ever worked with.  I learned more from her than any master teacher, any supervisor. or any professional development courses.  She still blows my mind when she shares with me what she is now doing with her Economics and Government students at the high school.  Those kids are truly blessed to have her!  I miss my partner but I am so grateful we are still close friends and I know that her talents need to be shared with more people.  I can’t keep her all to myself, even though I would love to.

Yolanda’s talents don’t stop in the classroom.  One look at this family and anyone would be impressed!  Tyler is at Cal Lutheran on a soccer scholarship and crushing it!  I have seen videos she has posted from his games and as a freshman, he was a star.  Unfortunately for him,  this pandemic has kept him at home but his family is very happy to have him nearby.   He continues to train and loves to keep incredibly fit, which is very obvious!  Tatum is seriously one of the sweetest kids I have ever met.  She just came out into the world that way.  Gentle, kind, and stunningly beautiful.  Oh, and let’s not pass up the fact that she is a phenomenal athlete in her own right.  One day she just decided to go out for the track team…and started WINNING!  No training, just a Sherard attitude, and a natural ability passed down from her very athletic parents.  Although Matt and Yolanda are just a little younger than Zack and I, they are still working out like champions and continuing to find ways to push their bodies with programs like Crossfit.  Wow, that would kill me!

Over the years I have heard so many stories about these two kids.  They are so close to one another and just adore each other.  I had such a great time teasing them as we took these pictures, but in truth, I knew already how much they loved one another and would adore images where they could see the love they share.  Matt and Yolanda have done a phenomenal job raising these two.  They are so respectful, so thoughtful, and so well-grounded.  I am constantly amazed.  Recently, when their parents weren’t feeling well, the kids made them food every day and took care of them as well as making sure the household was well taken care of.  All while keeping up with their schooling through distance learning.  Impressive!  Sherard family, you are a blessing to the world and those of us who know you are very grateful.

Sherard Family Scripps Pier La Jolla

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