Camonayan Wedding – Vista Optimist Club

Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club

In spite of a pandemic…in spite of a very rare San Diego “storm”…Reden and Kelsey’s wedding was amazing!  The wet weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits at all!  The venue was beautiful, the flowers were perfect, the bridesmaid’s dresses were classy, the bride herself was stunning, and the groom melted all of our hearts with his constant show of emotion and love.  A really wonderful day all around!  Weddings are usually joyful occasions but I really felt so encouraged all day long by the people who attended this one especially.  There were so many people who were chipping in and helping in every way that they could.  Working because they loved the bride and groom and because they loved to serve.  Another fun thing was that my daughter, Mackenzie, was the coordinator!  She will be graduating from SDSU this year with a degree in hospitality and she really did a great job!  The staff at the Vista Optimist Club were also exceptional and the venue was so secluded and private that the event ran smoothly.

I must say that my favorite part of the day was the First Look.  This wedding would have been the perfect advertisement for couples considering doing a First Look.  For me, the best part was watching Reden’s reaction when Kelsey stood behind him and called his name.  As he turned, he just melted.  I don’t blame him, she was astonishingly beautiful!  His tears at seeing his bride for the first time brought all of the rest of us to tears as well.  Three photographers and a videographer all losing it!  Wait until you see the pictures and you’ll probably cry too!  They shared quite a few touching moments together before they were ready for portraits and we were all so happy to give it to them.  Not only did they get this private time before the ceremony to speak to each other and appreciate this special moment in their lives, but they got so many extra portraits!  It also didn’t appear to change Reden’s emotions either when he saw Kelsey walking down the aisle with her grandfather, for there were tears in his eyes again!

I don’t know what has been going on lately, but the last three weddings Zack and I have been blessed to be a part of have included very emotional grooms…and we LOVE it!  When Reden danced with his sweet, sweet mom, the tears were flowing again.  I just love him!  However, these weren’t the only emotions on the dance floor.  When Kelsey danced with her father I got choked up as he got choked up.  When you see the images you’ll see what I mean!  Once those traditional wedding events took place then the real dancing began!  I might add that the entire Plum family was present and when that happens the dancing gets really exciting!  They know how to have a great time!  Despite all the fun and the love, the love birds were dying to run through their sparkler exit and then speed away into the night to start their new life together.  I don’t blame them!  Congratulations you two, we love you!

Venue: Vista Optimist Club, Jenny Bescher

Flowers: Ashley Williams

Bridesmaid’s lanterns: Kelly Shults

Videographer: Luis Lopez

DJ: Eric Cahill

Makeup: Valerie Cruz, Mackenzie Reyes

Coordinator: Mackenzie Reyes

Cake: Angela Wash

Second Photographer: Cassandra Kendall

Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club

Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club

Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club


Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club

Camonayan Wedding Vista Optimist Club

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