Nick & Laney Engaged – Sweetwater River Bridge

Nick and Laney Engaged Sweetwater River Bridge

If you’ve ever met Nick and Laney, you know how special they are.  It seems that in most of the weddings I have been shooting, they have been in the bridal party!  I’ve been a bridesmaid seventeen times and I think Nick, especially, is getting close to my record!  There is a reason for this!  These two are just so full of life, so full of love, and joy. They have so many friends and are appreciated by a multitude.  Laney’s smile is infectious.  I don’t think I have ever seen her without her signature grin!  It was hilarious when I tried to get her to be a little more subdued and serious during parts of our session because I am not completely sure she knows what to do with her beautiful face if her smile is not emanating from it!

They also really have a heart to serve.  Even though they are both full-time students, they still give so much to their ministries and they take amazing care of the people that God has entrusted to them. This must have so much to do with their families and the way they were loved growing up.   I haven’t met Laney’s family yet but I am really excited to meet them at the wedding!  They must be wonderful people to have raised a daughter like this.  Nick’s family I actually do know and have been amazed by for years.  He’s one of three brothers and each of them are spectacular men.  Godly, fun, athletic, encouraging, hilarious.  Sara and I had the privilege of photographing Nick’s other brothers’ weddings and we had such a great time!  This family is an absolute joy!  This applies to their parents, sister, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles as well.  Several generations of truly lovely people.

Zack, Mackenzie, Antonio, and I were so thrilled when they agreed to schedule a triple date after their engagement session.  We played shuffleboard and it was hilarious to see everyone’s competitive natures come out!  I especially enjoyed watching the girls beat the guys during the first round.  A little bit of humble pie goes a long way!  I had no idea Laney was so competitive.  Nick, you’ve got your hands full!  She’s amazing!  She works so hard when she really wants something and that is so obvious by the fact that she’s currently getting her Master’s Degree in speech pathology from Baylor University  Wow!  Nick is equally impressive as he is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from UCSD in December and then joining the Navy to serve his country.  Wherever their journey takes them, the people that they will encounter will be so blessed to know them.  Nick and Laney, we are all so happy for you and excited you’ll be husband and wife in only two months!!

Nick and Laney Engaged Sweetwater River Bridge

Nick and Laney Engaged Sweetwater River Bridge

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