Reden & Kelsey Engaged – Balboa Park

Reden & Kelsey Engaged Balboa Park

Spending over two hours in front of a camera with people you barely know can be rather daunting!  However, these two were such troopers and so much fun to take pictures of, especially in Balboa Park.  I fully expected Reden to burn out early since men generally don’t like to have their picture taken, but he was amazing!  All smiles for hours, which I suspect also had something to do with the fact that he got to kiss his fiance more in one day than he ever had before!  I anticipated that Kelsey would be excited and thrilled to capture this wonderful milestone in her life with images.  She didn’t disappoint!  She may also have the most perfect “model face” I have encountered so far (meaning that she was amazing at staring at the camera with a perfectly relaxed face)!  Not to mention, beautiful blue eyes and flawless skin. Wow, girl!

I loved the ease at which these two interacted.  They seem to really know and understand one other and to appreciate each other.  Having met at SDSU a few years back, they’ve been dating for two and a half years and it is so apparent that they have a deep friendship that has grown over time.  They also have some of the same passions and interests, even working at the same company!  Their hearts to serve others is so apparent with the professions that they chose with Reden being a substance use disorder counselor and Kelsey bing a case manager at a rehab center for drugs and alcohol.  It takes a really special person to work in that environment and give your heart.  That’s especially what Reden loves about his beautiful bride, that she loves others, even during the moments that she may not get love in return.

Zack and I are so excited to be a part of their wedding in November!  After our extended time walking around Balboa Park, these two are pros and my job will be incredibly easy!  Reden, you just keep looking at Kelsey the way you did during your engagement session and there will be no way that her inner and outer beauty won’t shine even brighter than it does already!

Reden & Kelsey Engaged Balboa Park

Reden & Kelsey Engaged Balboa Park

Reden & Kelsey Engaged Balboa Park





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