Amory & Jessica – Engaged

Amory & Jessica Engaged

Zack and Amory have spent a bit of time together out in the wilderness hunting together.  Being avid sportsmen, they have a kindred spirit.  Little did I know that Jessica and I would have so much in common too!  I was super excited to hear that she’s an 8th-grade teacher as well!  We who deal with twelve and thirteen-year-olds on a daily basis need to stick together!  It takes a very unique person to actually enjoy spending time with this age group and it was wonderful to meet someone else who understands my crazy!

These two go so well together!  When Jessica first stepped out of the car this was not my original thought though.   Amory is incredibly tall, I would guess about 6’2″ or 6’3″…and Jessica is TINY.  She is absolutely the cutest little thing!  However, I changed my mind quickly when I realized that being tiny does not mean you aren’t tough.  I suggested that the two of them climb over a fence, some dead logs, and cob-webbed debris and she didn’t even hesitate, even in heels!  That’s when I realized she is absolutely perfect for Amory.  They balance each other out and relate to each other so well.

Their romance has been a long one and it hasn’t been without its challenges.  They have fought hard to be righteous and to have a relationship that so many look up to and admire.  Amory and Jessica, you two make an absolutely wonderful couple.  Marriage is hard but you have what it takes.  You are both fun, adventurous, loving, gentle people, and Zack and I are so excited to be a part of your wedding.  Your big day is going to be incredibly special and you’ve earned it.  Congratulations!

Amory and Jessica Engaged

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