Gus & Sonia Engaged

Gus and Sonia Engaged Sweetwater River Bridge

For years those of us at church have watched Gus and Sonia become he best of friends.  We all knew this would grow into something more and of course, it did as they each realized how amazing the other was.  When you know these two you know that they are absolutely perfect for each other.  They are both such fun people to be around, so thoughtful and generous.  They have each had so much to overcome and it has been inspiring to watch as they overcame so much.

During our time together getting ready for their wedding I think I was mostly amazed at how much Sonia loves Gus’ boys, who are really young men.  She has accepted them as her own and when she talks about them she is all smiles.  She never physically had children, but she definitely has children now and loves them as her own.  These are two blessed young men!  Gus is such an amazing dad and has done such a wonderful job bringing Sonia into the family, keeping the boys in the loop at all times. They were even there when he proposed!

They planned their wedding in the middle of a pandemic!  This wasn’t an easy feat!  They even thought about having more of an elopement with a minimal amount of people.  However, when they realized how many people really wanted to share this day with them, they opted for a wedding.  They planned the whole thing in less than a month!  Impressive.  Wait until you see their wedding pictures!  With these two it’s difficult to take a picture I didn’t LOVE!

Gus and Sonia Engaged Sweetwater River Bridge

  1. Martha says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Great job Nicole for capturing the love that Gus and my sister share. ❤️

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