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Family Photo shoot senior photo shoot milagro winery

As a teacher, I have met many different types of kids over the years.  They all have their unique personalities and talents and are very special in their own ways.  Some kids have the gift of being able to juggle so many aspects of life that it amazes me.  Alexis is one of those students.  Although she has never been my student, I have watched her grow up from afar as she was a part of two of my oldest daughter’s dance companies.  Not only is she an amazing dancer, but she is a wonderful student and a lovely individual as well!  That must come from her parents who are just a joy to spend time with.  That can all be seen in these pictures!

At Eastlake High School Alexis was able to manage being on the Elite team of the Eastlake Dance Company AND be a varsity cheerleader!  Not to mention that she kept her grades up AND followed the Medical Pathways curriculum!  That is definitely remarkable!  Now she’s headed off to San Francisco State and I am sure will be very successful there as well.  However, I don’t know how she and her best friend, Jesse are going to manage to be separated from one another, since he’s headed to UCLA to dance.  I am sure they’ve got it all planned out though!

Behind every great kid are usually some really amazing, supportive parents.  Alexis’ mom was really involved with her dance team and was a wonderful support to that institution.  Every time I have met with her, there has always been a smile on her face…the same with Alexis.  My daughter told me it was like that at school too where both she and Jesse were so kind and thoughtful to those around them in the dance room.  I have heard the same thing from other dancers and that is incredibly commendable.  In a super-competitive environment, it takes a special soul to remain loving and generous.

Congratulations Alexis!  You’re are going to continue to shine in San Francisco and beyond!!

Family photo shoot Senior photo shoot Milagro Winery

Family photo shoot Senior photo shoot Milagro Winery Family photo shoot Senior photo shoot Milagro Winery

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