Emma & Justin – Engaged

san diego engagement photo shoot

To know Emma and Justin is to love them.  There is just no way around it!  Emma’s smile just grabs a hold of you and you can’t help but smile back!  Emma has been a very special friend of my daughter’s for several years as they have both been attending San Diego State.  She basically became Mackenzie’s “big sister” and helped her navigate what it meant to be a new college student and to especially face this new adventure with a godly focus.  I am sooooo grateful for her influence and her guidance as I have watched my daughter become a woman under her guidance.

Both Emma and Justin just recently graduated from SDSU and left San Diego to settle in LA where Justin is working full time as a campus minister and Emma as a nurse.  Wouldn’t you know that just as she is starting her career…a pandemic hit!  What are the odds?!  I am sure that there are many people in LA who are very grateful she chose this line of work.  She is so thoughtful and gentle that I am absolutely positive her attention has been helpful during this challenging time.

Although I didn’t know Justin well before this session, he completely endeared himself to me as I watched him watch his fiance.  Ladies, let me just say…this is how you want your man to look at you!  So much love, so much adulation!  Wow!  I didn’t have to say much to make these images look exactly the way I wanted them to.  They were naturals.  I felt like I was just peeking in on a moment and the story was all theirs.  Marriage is a wonderful and challenging adventure and it is obvious they are beginning this journey with all of their hearts and convictions.  We are so happy for both of you!

San Diego Engagement Photography Session

San Diego Engagement Photography Session

San Diego Engagement Photography Session

San Diego Engagement Photography Session

San Diego Engagement Photography Session

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