Nick & Katie – Balboa Park

I must say that I am completely impressed with how resilient Nick and Katie are!  They are amazing!  We met at Balboa Park at 6:15am on a FREEZING cold March morning…and Katie had a lovely, THIN dress on and Nick had a cold!  Wow! These are two committed people!  I knew this about Katie (to some extent) because she and I work together as middle school teachers.  It takes a very special person to teach English to 35 seventh graders at one time, as Katie does.   I have watched her teach and must say that she really does a great job!  I just got to meet Nick recently, but he is equally impressive because he is getting a PhD in Chemistry!  I can’t even imagine the intelligence that takes!

It was amazing to be in Balboa Park early in the morning.  It was almost completely empty!  That was a first! This was the perfect place to capture iconic images of Katie and Nick in since they have lived in San Diego most of their lives.  Nick left for a short time to go to college in Pennsylvania…\so he left this amazing weather for only a short time.  However, these two have been together since high school!  They made a long distance relationship work and that is no small feat!  It was so cute to hear them laugh when I put them in “prom pose” because they had actually been to prom together!  Their ease and comfortability with each other made me feel comfortable too and our time together was so smooth as they just naturally fell into a familiar routine of being close to each other.

These two will be getting married in June at the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College and I am sure it is going to be beautiful!  Katie and Nick, thank you for entrusting me with your images and for letting me be involved in a small part of your love story.

Balboa Park Engagement Balboa Park Engagement

Balboa Park Engagement

Balboa Park EngagementBalboa Park Engagment Balboa Park Engagement

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