Erik & Jenna – Sweetwater Park

I love weddings!  Always have!  Even when I was very young I used to rip pages out of magazines, punch holes in them and put them in my wedding binder.  Can you imagine how useful Pinterest would have been?!  Although I love being in weddings (I have been a bridesmaid 17 times!), being a guest at weddings, coordinating weddings (I used to be a wedding coordinator before my 2 girls were born), and now photographing weddings…nothing compares to being at the wedding of a FAMILY MEMBER!  These events just don’t happen enough.  Jenna is the daughter of my cousin Stefanie and has always been a very special part of our family.  She was an absolutely beautiful child and has become a lovely young woman with a family of her own.  And what about that hair!  Completely natural!

Erik is obviously the newest addition to our family and we all adore him, especially because he loves Jenna so much.  Together they have Layla and she is as cute as a button.  I was so honored to be a part of their special day and to get a “backstage pass!”  Watching Jenna get ready was bittersweet as we all knew this was really her passage into being an “official” adult.  All of the girls got ready at my mom’s house in Bonita and with Stefanie (her mom) and Carol (her grandmother), it was a complete riot.  These women are seriously some of the funniest people I know.  Layla joined in the fun and played around in the dress as well!

I think one of the most entertaining parts of the day was watching her walk down the aisle with her father and grandfather…and a cathedral length veil…in the wind!  Grandpa did a great job wrapping it around himself and taking care of his precious baby girl.  The ceremony was so sweet as Erik’s stepfather officiated and made it special and very personal.  I love that Erik is so expressive and not afraid to let everyone know how he feels about Jenna.

Erik and Jenna had originally wanted to get through pictures quickly so they could spend time with family and friends, but that was definitely not their attitude when the camera came out after the ceremony.  They kept hamming it up with their family and bridal party and it was so fun!  When it came time for their “romantics” they were pros!  I think I’ve photographed Jenna more than any other family member and she is definitely trained.  Erik remembered everything from the engagement session and made my life so easy.  They looked amazing!

The reception was so much fun with everyone participating in the food and the fun.  The best part of the evening was Erik taking off Jenna’s garter.  Wow!  Such entertainment!  I know she was embarrassed but laughed through it all and really enjoyed it.  At the end of the night, it was time to cut their beautiful cake which almost seemed like a crime because it was so pretty.  Their joy and love for each other were contagious and I am so grateful to have such amazing family members.

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

  1. Jenna Anderson says:

    This is beautiful!! I’m so thankful for you and for all of the gorgeous family pictures you’ve taken of us! You are so talented!

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